• In advance of talks with U.S. Envoy George Mitchell, Israel unveiled a new demand: that it maintain troops on the Jordanian border of even an eventual Palestinian state. A Palestinian negotiator immediately rejected this notion. [WSJ]
• Jared Malsin, the American journalist expelled from Israel, says Israeli authorities accused him of having “anti-Israeli politics.” [WP]
• Hamas’s top man in the West Bank said the group would be willing to nullify its charter, which calls for Israel’s destruction. [JPost]
• Members of the ultra-Orthodox enclave in Spring Valley, New York, have teamed up with the town’s many Haitian citizens to send help to Haiti. [NYT]
• New documents filed in federal court appear pretty damning for Stewart David Nozette, the U.S. astronomer accused of spying for Israel. [Haaretz]
• Avrom Sutzkever, maybe the greatest Yiddish poet of the 20th century, died at 96. [Forward]