On last night’s season premiere episode of American Idol, a human beatbox named Jay Stone auditioned and was “sent to Hollywood”—that is, qualified for the next round. It turns out that Stone, 25, who hails from Miami, is a loud and proud Jew. He told Haaretz that a Taglit Birthright-Israel trip in 2007 awakened him to this aspect of his identity, and that he now hopes one day to make aliyah.

Stone also had choice words for Adam Lambert, last season’s Idol sensation (though not eventual victor), who downplayed his own Jewish background. That was a “true shame,” Stone said. “It’s always a difficult debate among people whether or not they want to be vocal about their Judaism. If asked what I’m interested and passionate about—I wouldn’t even be lying, Israel is one of my biggest passions and certainly something I intend to be extremely vocal about.”

The one thing he already is quite vocal about, of course, is drumming. (Yes, you read right.) See him do The Beatles’s “Come Together,” from last night’s episode, below.

Floridian Aspires to be Jewish ‘Idol’ [Haaretz]

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