Are you overwhelmed by the heat? Underwhelmed by the Mets? Just feeling, well, whelmed by life? We’ve got the perfect fix: an evening with Unorthodox, Tablet’s podcast where we Jews have opinions, and guests, and a rocking good time. We’re recording a live show tomorrow at JCC Manhattan, which is very, very close to selling out. But if you stop reading this article for just a moment and click here to buy tickets, you could probably still make it. Not sure? Need more reasons to join us? Here are ten:

10. Because Noam Osband, the Hendrix of the ukulele, will be on hand to play his original and hilarious songs, which may or may not be about Nazis.

9. Because you know Mark Oppenheimer will dress for the occasion, which means all sorts of preppy tweeds.

8. Because our Jewish guest of the week is the great Harry J. Enten, senior political analyst at FiveThirtyEight, and you’re probably still wondering how come everyone got that November election so wrong.

7. Because you’ll get an in-person report on Cat Stevens, everyone’s favorite homicidal feline.

6. Because we love you very much and will hang out after the show to chat and sign autographs, personal checks, and Ketubahs.

5. Because Liel always brings the best booze.

4. Because our Gentile guest of the week is the amazing Haroon Moghul, author of the memoir How to Be a Muslim.

3. Because there’s no better way to start the week than a live dose of News of the Jews.

2. Because we may just call you up on stage for a quick interview.

1. Because you love us. You really, really love us.

See you tomorrow!