Last month, Ohio treasurer Josh Mandel, a past and present Republican senate candidate, raised eyebrows by going to bat for misogynist conspiracy theorist Mike Cernovich after the Anti-Defamation League included him in a report on far-right extremists:


As I detailed at the time, among other exploits, Cernovich was one of the chief promoters of the Pizzagate conspiracy theory, which led to a restaurant shooting, and has a long history of misogynist comments, including the claim that “date rape does not exist.” As a central personality in the alt-right ecosystem, Cernovich also has a wide array of anti-Semitic fans, many of whom came out to defend him against the ADL alongside Mandel. Yesterday, Cernovich returned the favor and hyped a site showcasing blatant anti-Semitic propaganda.

On Tuesday afternoon, Cernovich started pushing a campaign to discredit National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, who is despised by the alt-right for his perceived effort to root out their sympathizers in the administration.


Those who followed the link to the web-site, however, were immediately greeted with this bigoted graphic:


The notion that the Rothschild family manipulates world affairs, of course, is a classic anti-Jewish canard. After the cartoon’s anti-Semitism began drawing attention, it was cropped slightly on the web site to hide the Rothschild bit at the top–as though a cartoon asserting that America’s administration is controlled by puppetmaster Jewish financier George Soros is somehow less anti-Semitic.

Does Mandel still “stand with” Cernovich? Repeated requests for comment by journalists and Ohio voters to him and his campaign highlighting this episode have received no response on Twitter.

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