• The last time global anti-Semitism attained its current level, World War II was still going on, a new report found. Jewish Agency head Natan Sharansky and an Israeli minister presented the document. [JPost]
• In an audiotape endorsing the attempted Christmas Day bombing, Osama bin Laden linked it and future attacks on the United States to its backing of Israel. [WP]
• While planting trees there for Tu B’Shevat, Prime Minister Netanyahu said that several Jewish settlements in the West Bank would “for eternity” be “inseparable part[s]” of Israel. [NYT]
• Syrian and Libyan leaders Bashar Assad and Muammar Gadhafi called for Arab countries to unite in opposition to Israel at March’s Arab Summit. [Ynet]
• A few details from Israel’s formal rebuttal to the Goldstone Report leaked (it will be submitted to the United Nations soon). Among other things, the rebuttal argues that key Gazan infrastructure was destroyed incidentally in the course of last January’s conflict, not deliberately, as the Report alleges. [NYT]
• Following President Obama’s admission that he raised Mideast peace expectations too much, his administration downplayed envoy George Mitchell’s meetings with both sides last week. [LAT]