As if global warming wasn’t bad enough: Israeli scientists, observing one of the hottest summers on record, have discovered that when the temperatures rise, so do the cockroaches.

“In higher temperatures, cockroaches are more active,” professor Frederic Libersat of Ben Gurion University
told the Israeli news site Ynet. “At 50 degrees, the cockroach barely moves. He’s very slow. But at 77 or 86 degrees, it runs. When you reach 104 degrees, the cockroach not only runs, but he flies as well. He becomes hyperactive.”

That, said Professor Yoav Yair, the dean of the School of Sustainability at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, is why many Israelis are suddenly finding roaches even in fourth- or fifth-floor apartments. And, Yair added, things are only going to get worse.

“The biosphere reacts to climate changes,” he said. “Animals, with their basic reflexes, are sensitive to even the smallest temperature changes.” In the future, he added, we should expect more bizarre behavioral changes, from flying roaches to biting fish. “Just last week, a crazy heat wave hit Bulgaria and Romania,” Yair said. “We should expect this phenomenon to last well into the coming decades.”