Mr. and Mrs. Netanyahu in July 2007.(Gali Tibbon/AFP/Getty Images)

Can’t stay away from this one any longer (especially since it is the big story in Israel). Sara Netanyahu—Mrs. Bibi—has been sued by a former housekeeper. Lillian Peretz alleges that Netanyahu:

• Verbally abused her;
• Forced her to shower and change clothes multiple times per day;
• Paid her less than the minimum wage
• Forced her (an observant Jew) to work Saturdays;
• Compelled constant compliments from her;
• Forbid the family’s bottled water to her. (Consumption of tap water was permitted.)

The lawsuit explicitly compares Peretz to Cinderella—which, of course, would make Sara Netanyahu the evil stepmother.

Apparently, the First Lady has a history with this sort of thing: during her husband’s first term as prime minister, in the late-‘90s, she came under repeated attack for allegedly berating her staff and flaunting her children.

In other news, Brangelina is breaking up? What is up with that?

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