• Since this is apparently the new thing, a man threw a shoe at the Israeli Supreme Court’s chief justice, hitting her in the face. He shouted “traitor,” “you destroyed my life,” and “corrupt.” [JTA]
• Israel’s diplomats are divided over whether to take a soft or hard line toward Turkey. The proxy debate is over whether the deliberate humiliation of Turkey’s ambassador succeeded or failed. [Haaretz]
• Pope Benedict XVI condemned the 65-year-old the Holocaust (it was International Remembrance Day) and said we must never let such a thing happen again. [AP/USA Today]
• The director of Centropa, a Vienna-based Jewish historical project, movingly highlights the importance of quirky artifacts and oral history in documenting the Holocaust. [LAT]
• German company Siemens—Europe’s largest engineering conglomerate—will cease all future business ties with Iran. [Haaretz]
• Lawrence Garfinkel, an autodidactic epidemiologist who helped conclusively tie smoking to lung cancer, died at 88. [NYT]