Remember Jeremy Meeks, the living Internet meme who was catapulted into celebrity when his mug shot went viral, earning him the dubious distinction of the world’s hottest felon?

These days, life’s all milk and honey for the outlaw turned male model: Spotted by the savvy students of social media in Start Up Nation, Meeks was selected to lead the Israeli campaign for the sunglass designer Carolina Lemke, and touched down in Tel Aviv this week to take his turn in the spotlight. And if running around shirtless on the beach wasn’t enough of a perk, Meeks’s co-model on the shoot is—could it be any other way?—Bar Refaeli.

Not that Meeks is moved by Leonardo DeCaprio’s ex: He was accompanied on his own version of a Birthright tour by his current girlfriend, Chloe Green, the daughter of British Jewish billionaire Sir Phillip Green, the man behind the mega-successful retail chain Top Shop.

Baruch Ha’ba, Jeremy, and if things get serious with Chloe, give us a call and we’ll hook you up with a good rabbi to begin studying for that conversion. Lord knows we can never have enough good-looking Jewish felons.