Rosenfels (left) and Lord Favre (right).(Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

So Brett Favre leads the Minnesota Vikings to the NFC Championship contest, only to throw a game-blowing interception in the final minutes to give the New Orleans Saints a ticket to the Super Bowl, and the Vikes a ticket … back to Minnesota. Minnesota in January.

On top of that, though, Favre took up space that could have been filled by the NFL’s pre-eminent Jewish quarterback. Of the 50-odd players on the Vikings’ active roster this season, the only one who did not get a single down’s worth of playing-time was third-string QB Sage Rosenfels. To his credit, Rosenfels is a mensch about this: he told the AP it was still a fun year, because he was able to learn so much from Brett. Ah yes, Brett (who, in fairness, had a pretty stellar season, and who got zero help from his team’s suddenly-ineffectual offensive line last Sunday). Still: next year, put him in, coach!

Meanwhile, with all the Jewish players now out of the running, whom should you root for in the February 7th Super Bowl between the Saints and the Indianapolis Colts? Jews should identify with the Saints’ underdog status (this is their first Super Bowl, and the current spread is Colts -5.5); plus, Baltimore’s extensive Jewish community would never forgive us for pulling for the Colts, the franchise so unceremoniously ripped away from them a quarter-century ago. On the other hand, um, their name is the Saints. Maybe just root for a good game?

In Limbo Against With Vikes, Rosenfels Won’t Lament

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