As Jews, we’re obligated to love all other Jews. There’s no rule, however, about loving some Jews more than others. And as far as lovable Jews go, the Scroll pledges its undying affection to H. Alan Scott.

If you listen to our podcast, Unorthodox (and really, why wouldn’t you?), you’re already a fan of H. Alan’s. If not, you’ll soon be: Growing up Mormon and gay in the Midwest, he was the consummate outsider. He moved to Los Angeles, became a comedian and a writer and the host of the world’s greatest Golden Girls podcast, but something was amiss. A bout with cancer led him on a long spiritual journey. And that journey led him to the faith he always felt was his: Judaism.

In just a few weeks, H. Alan will celebrate his Bar Mitzvah, becoming, in the eyes of Jewish law, a man in full. His journey to this joyous moment—which included studying with other soon-to-be-Bar-Mitzvah Jews two decades his juniors, a life-altering trip to Israel, and a few deep conversations with famous and wise members of the tribe—is the subject of a documentary in progress, Latter Day Jew. And documentary filmmaking being a costly affair, H. Alan and the crew need your help. Because it’s almost the weekend, and because you’ll never, ever be invited to a better Bar Mitzvah, why not click here and help H. Alan and filmmaker Aliza Rosen gift us all with this account of a modern-day journey of a latter-day Jew?