• New (ostensibly peaceful) rocket test-fires and official revelations demonstrated that Iran has developed sophisticated satellite technology. [WSJ]
• At least two barrels containing explosives washed ashore on Israel’s Mediterranean coast, prompting Israel to close beaches up there and launch airstrikes in Gaza. [WSJ]
• Hamas suspended the indirect negotiations over kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit in protest of the death of their weapons man in Dubai, who may or may not have been killed by Mossad (got that?). [Haaretz]
• Palestinian President Salam Fayyad spoke at Herzliya yesterday (Judith Miller has much more for Tablet Magazine). [WP]
• A Polish court issued an arrest warrant for Anders Hogstrom, the Swede who allegedly masterminded the Auschwitz sign theft. [AP/WSJ]
• A profile of the town of Ghajar, which over history has alternately been in Lebanon (as it is currently), Syria, and Israel—and, unlike certain fictional islands, that’s without moving. [NYT]