• The Jewish Agency for Israel feared Russia would not permit its Board meeting to take place in St. Petersburg, and moved it to Jerusalem at the last minute. The group says Russia told it a couple weeks ago that there were issues with its “legal status.” [JTA]

• Solomon Dwek, who wore a wire to help break open a corruption scandal within the Syrian Jewish community of Deal, New Jersey, started sobbing on the witness stand when the cross-examiner asked him if he has any friends. [NJ.com]

• The treacherous world that is the Orthodox Jewish singles scene. [Guernica]

• Introducing “nasology”: a phrenology of noses. Includes “The Jewish or Hawk Nose.” [the ragbag via The Awl]

• How Israel deals with its 300,000 foreign workers—one-third of them illegal—from such places as the Philippines, China, and India. [Foreign Policy]

• In Jerusalem, former Arkansas Gov. and Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee accused the Obama administration of a “one-sided” approach, disproportionately harsh on Israel, to the peace process. [JTA]