Avner and his mother, Sara, last March.(David Silverman/AFP/Getty Images)

As Judith Miller reports in Tablet Magazine, Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech yesterday at the Herzliya Conference was seen by most as underwhelming, even bizarre: the conference is generally devoted to talk of national security, yet Netanyahu spent most of his speech lecturing about Jewish heritage in Israel; maybe the most substantive initiative he announced was plans to construct walking paths between numerous Biblical sites.

The whole thing seemed inexplicable, especially considering that an Israeli leader looking for more important topics of discussion shouldn’t exactly need to strain himself. Inexplicable, that is, until it’s connected to another bit of news: the winner of the Jerusalem Public School District’s Bible Quiz—held Tuesday, the day before Bibi spoke—was a 15-year-old named Avner Netanyahu. Yup, the First Son (and mazel tov to him!). The Hebrew University High School student scored 98 out of 100 to win the competition, which his father and mother, Sara, attended, earning him the right to compete in the national Quiz.

According to Arutz Sheva, “The organizers state that the objective of the quiz is to encourage interest and study among youth in the Bible as the cultural basis of the Nation of Israel.” Funny: that was also the objective of Netanyahu’s odd speech.

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