Our dear producer Elissa Goldstein is moving on, and we’re looking for someone to take the reins of Unorthodox. Over the past two years Elissa has helped make our show an unmissable weekly experience for thousands of listeners and helped build a dedicated community of listeners, and we’re hoping to bring someone on board who can help continue our growth and development.

We’re looking for a freelance half-time audio producer who will work closely with the hosts of the show and the existing production team to execute weekly hour-long episodes, as well as several live recordings each year. This is an on-going contract position—while much of the work can be done remotely, you will need to be present at our studio and office in Manhattan one day a week, and be able to travel for live shows out of state three OR four times a year. The producer must have an obsessive eye for detail and an appetite for unique, quirky, thought-provoking stories with a Jewish angle. The producer should also have experience in audio. We’re looking for a collaborative producer who will steer the ship, think about the big picture, and help us produce great content every week. This is a team that has had a lot of fun growing the most successful Jewish-themed podcast in America, and the producer should be excited to make this show even more fun, unexpected, and engaging for our diverse audience.

Essential Duties Include:

— Oversee production calendar
— Oversee guest schedule; book and pre-interviews guests
— Assemble program materials for the hosts and others involved in the production of the show
— Review scripts and other materials as required
— Generate episode and interview ideas
— Manage the editor, engineer, and production assistant
— Plan and execute live shows in New York City and out of state, and travel to locations with the hosts
— Oversee marketing of the podcast (including social media strategy) and audience development
— Liaise with Panoply (our distributors) with regards to scheduling and advertising
— Write weekly show notes, article copy, and newsletter content


— At least three years of relevant experience in fields like radio/podcast production or journalism
— Strong communication and organizational skills
— A voracious appetite for Jewish news, politics, pop culture, and literature
— Confidence assimilating many opinions and large amounts of information quickly, and making editorial decisions accordingly
— An ability to meet deadlines and make decisions under pressure
— Audio engineering and editing experience a big plus, but not essential

Interested? Email us at unorthodox@tabletmag.com.