Why is this week the same as all other weeks? Because there are Jews in the news.

Passion Of The Christ 2: Back With A Vengeance: I don’t think there’s anything I can say that’s as funny as a planned sequel to “Passion of the Christ,” announced earlier this week. And yes, it will be directed by Mel Gibson. Line is at +200 that Gibson compares his Hollywood trials and tribulations to his protagonist in an interview.

Israeli teens are suing the BDS activists who petitioned Lorde: A really stupid saga enters its next chapter: Litigation, baby! The three teens have filed a “test case of a law passed in 2011 that allows civil lawsuits to be filed against people who call for a boycott against Israel.”

Paul Nehlen, foisted by his own petard: Do you ever do that thing where you try to convince people that you’re not anti-Semitic by posting lists of your critics and pointing out that they’re mostly Jewish? If so, you might be Wisconsin Republican Paul Nehlen. Here’s Nehlen: “The list stems from a BuzzFeed article that used my phrase ‘Jewish media’ as a slur, when in fact, it was a truthful statement. Consequently, I felt it was pertinent to lay the facts out and let the public decide.”

Support peacocks in shul: The non-Jewish part of this story is that a woman was tried to board a United Airlines flight with an emotional support peacock and was denied, which is something in itself. The wholesome, Jewish side of this is a very thoughtful answer posted on Chabad.org answering the question of whether or not an emotional support peacock would be allowed in a house of prayer.