Fame, fortune, a weekly column dedicated to her exploits in Tablet Magazine: What other way is there to celebrate the world’s favorite Israeli? The answer is simple: Paint her yellow and send her to Springfield.

Next season, the show’s 30th, The Simpsons will host an animated version of Gadot. What will the episode be about? The show’s producers are tight-lipped, revealing only that it will be titled “Bart’s Not Dead.” Which is a silly title, really, because it is a well-known fact that death itself holds no power over Wonder Woman, the daughter of Zeus and Hippolyta and a veteran of the Israel Defense Forces.

This makes Gadot the first Israeli ever to appear on The Simpsons. Fine, she’s technically the second, sorta: The singer Yael Naim, who was born in Paris but grew up in Ramat Hasharon, guest starred on that awful episode in season 16 when the Simpsons went to Israel and wasted their time with Jerusalem Syndrome and camel jokes that felt as fresh as week-old falafel. But, still, another animated Israeli is always a fine thing to behold.

So while you ponder the possibilities of an animated Gadot—a duel to the death with Mr. Burns? Taking Lisa to Themyscira for some sword training?—you can enjoy the actress’s own tweet, documenting her adding her signature to the long and impressive line of celebrities who’ve joined television’s most vaunted family: