Vanity Fair‘s “Secret Talent Theatre” is a series of mildly amusing videos in which celebrities endear themselves by revealing skills you didn’t know they had. “Skills” may be a touch of an overstatement: For the most part, the acts fall into three distinct categories, including the bizarre (enjoy eating those squirmy worms, Nicole Kidman), the charming (there’s something deeply soothing about watching Michael B. Jordan iron a dress shirt), and the simply sad (you would think a simple nose twitch is well within even Jessica Chastain’s modest range; sadly, it is not).

And then came Gal Gadot.

Naturally, the very idea that Gal Gadot might prance about and display her secret talent is preposterous, because Gal Gadot has no talent that’s a secret: Like every good Israeli, she flaunts what she has. And what she’s got is some crazy hula hooping skill.

For one whole minute, Gadot, barefoot and wearing a t-shirt and exercise pants, keeps the hoop spinning while breezily chatting with the camera. At one point, she pretends to drink coffee, read a book, and FaceTime with loved ones, a performance that is every bit as Oscar-worthy as whatever it is that what’s-her-name did in The Post. 

And so, because she’ll be presenting an award at the Oscars this Sunday, here she is, secret talent and all: