I was pretty bummed when I saw that someone had already written about Barbra Streisand’s cloned dogs this week, but I guess someone had to do it. Anyway, there was some stellar Jewish news this week.

Ken Livingstone stays in timeout: His suspension from the Labour Party for saying that Hitler supported Zionism has been…extended. #DON’TFREEKEN

Mommy dearest: Four social media star millennials, who are also sisters, share a dark secret between them. No, it’s not that the sucking soul wound of social media is a blight on humanity. Instead, as the Daily Beast reported, their mother is Pamela Geller.

“New” Amy Winehouse music: And it’s really good!! She recorded the track when she was 17.

Big news in the world of truffles: Folks, have you seen this, have you heard about this? Apparently, Israeli researchers were able to successfully cultivate desert truffles, which, apparently, only “occurs rarely and unpredictably in nature.” They cost more per pound than uranium.

Jewish congressional hopeful is definitely hip: Benjamin Thomas Wolf, a former FBI agent running for Congress, posted a picture of himself smoking a joint in front of an American flag as part of a campaign promise to fight for marijuana legalization. Honestly, it makes sense. Dude was in the FBI, professional narc-hood if it ever existed, and probably just started smoking for the first time. Consequently, he’s doing that thing you do in high school when you have got to let everyone know that, yeah, you smoke weed, dude.