Reading about Jews in the news feels like dessert, right? It’s quick, it’s sweet, it’s a nice little treat on a Friday afternoon. But get this: This week, it’s nutritious, and guaranteed to protect you against any and all Friday the 13th bad luck.

Michael Cohen, down and out: The FBI raiding Cohen’s office has somehow been pushed down to, like, the third biggest story of the week, but who could forget when this led to Newt Gingrich comparing the FBI to the Gestapo?

Broad City set to end: Abbi and Ilana are calling it quits after this season.

Amar’e takes the plunge: Former NBA star and current Hapoel Jerusalem co-owner Amar’e Stoudemire announced this week that he’s in the process converting to Judaism. No word yet on whether the Miami Heat are going to open up a playoff roster spot for him, but stay tuned

“Jewish Republicans ‘very confident’ white supremacist won’t win party nod to replace Paul Ryan”“There’s no way, right?,” they said, sweating and twitching. “Right?”

A live look at comments made this week about the Jewish governor of Missouri, Eric Greitins: “The Governor is a disgrace to the Republican Party, to the State of Missouri, and to himself”; “an embarrassment”“It’s extremely disturbing and disgusting behavior.”