Here it is, folks, your very own Week In Rear View:

Josh Rosen is on to Arizona: UCLA’s Jewish quarterback extraordinaire was selected by the Cardinals at #10 last night. Good luck to the Chosen Rosen, and may God help anyone who calls him hateful names.

Michael Cohen Celebrates His Rite of Passage: 

Mr. Trump didn’t always demonstrate respect for his employee. After saying he’d attend Mr. Cohen’s son’s bar mitzvah in 2012, Mr. Trump was late, and the blessings were delayed, according to an attendee.

There’s more:

After Mr. Trump arrived, he gave a speech, telling guests he hadn’t planned to come, but he relented after Mr. Cohen had repeatedly called him, his secretary and his children begging him to appear, the attendee said. The guests laughed because “everyone knew it was very realistic-sounding,” the attendee added.

Amazon relents: Amazon Germany pulled an ad for a rabbi costume wherein the model was waving money towards the camera, as well as a line of yellow stars that said “Jude” sold by a Thailand-based company. Man, Amazon’s got everything!

Mort Klein is just saying: The head of the ZOA took to Twitter to opine on Natalie Portman:

“Natalie Portman’s absurd, uninformed, inaccurate, dangerous views on Israel, while ignoring the anti-Semitic, pro-terrorist views/actions of Hamas and Palestinian Authority gives credibility and legitimacy to the ludicrous, false, nonsensical belief that beautiful women aren’t too bright.”

The return of Count Dankula: My man was officially fined £800 for that video he posted of his dog sieg heiling and reacting to “Do you wanna gas the Jews?” Dankula, for his part, says he’ll be appealing the decision. Read my CAN’T MISS piece on him here.