Birthdays, for adults, are thorny things. Once you’ve aged out of the frosted-cake-and-party-favors demographic—at ten, say, or 12—how you choose to celebrate your special day says much about who you are. Some throw lavish affairs, others sourly ignore the whole thing. Gal Gadot? Well, she has her own magical way.

Turning 33 last week, the actress posted a black-and-white photo of herself on Instagram. It was artful, but not glamorous, with only her head bobbing above the waves and the foam of the sea, her face radiating with joy.

“This has been an unexpected journey,” read the caption, “and on this b-day I want to stop for a moment, look back on it, and wish that waves of hope and happiness will surround us all.”

Go ahead, be cynical if you must, but do so at your own peril. The sentiments—gratitude, reflection, focusing on what truly matters in life—are not only ones Gadot had honestly embodied throughout her meteoric rise to fame, but also ones we would do well to embody ourselves. If we do, we will not only live a blissful life, but we may also one day have a horse named after us.

Meet Wonder Gadot, a three-year-old filly who will race in the Kentucky Derby this year. She is owned by Gary Barber, a former CEO of MGM, and has had nine starts in her career, three wins, two second-place finishes, and three number-threes. Not as good as the human Wonder Gadot, but not bad, either.