Viewers of comedian Sanne Wallis deVries’s show on Holland’s public broadcasting network were treated to a special surprise: An actress dressed as Netta Barzilai, the Israeli singer who had won the Eurovision song contest earlier this month, took the stage to perform a parody of Barzilai’s hit, “Toy.” With images of rioting Palestinians playing on giant screens behind her, the actress delivered lyrics that took little trouble to steer clear of hate speech.

“I’m a bitch who hunts down Palestinians,” goes one choice line, while another referred to the Jews celebrating in al Aqsa Mosque “which stands empty anyway” and a third—sung as the screens showed a smiling Ivanka Trump unveiling the cornerstone of the new American embassy in Jerusalem—stated that the embassy was only opened so that Israelis can make “more dollars and cents.”

You can watch the song for yourself below if you still need a reminder on why so called anti-Israel sentiments are almost always just good, old-fashioned anti-Semitism in disguise. And you can take heart that following a strong denouncement from the Dutch pro-Israeli group CIDI, scores of Dutch citizens took to Twitter to shame deVries for putting such vile propaganda on the air: