Like all nerds, I love Jeopardy, and when I’m not busy obnoxiously shouting my answers at the screen and snickering at those ninnies on TV who fail to respond to obvious clues like “After a demonstration of this, the April 8, 1927, New York Times said, ‘Commercial use in doubt'” (the answer, of course, is “Television”), I daydream about my own perfect categories, narrow and verdant fields of knowledge in which I could show my uncontested superiority to the world entire. You know, like if someone ever decided to devote an entire category only to knowledge of all things Gal Gadot:

Even if you weren’t blown away by the ludicrously easy questions, you have to admire Alex Trebek’s adorable attempt at Hebrew. Gal Gadot sure did, and her response, as you might’ve expected if you’re a regular reader of this column, was just perfect: