Above: a member of Can!!Can reads the megillah, punk rock-style.

If you weren’t at Hamanbashin!, the Purim party thrown by JDub Records (and sponsored by Tablet Magazine) on Saturday night, then, well, what were you doing? But no kidding: a swell time was had by all. JDub’s Flickr feed of the evening is here. The event was also covered by Metromix and the muckrakers over at Young Manhattanite.

In case you’re wondering, the two best-costume prizes went to the couple who dressed, individually, as a Hasid and a hipster, meaning that, together, they were the Williamsburg bike lane battle; and the woman who wore a chicken suit and Band-Aids on her face: a foul fowl from the Rubashkin plant.

Hamanbashin! [JDub Records]