• The rookie head of the U.N. nuclear inspectors defended their finding that Iran is working on weapons. Meanwhile, there were new indications that Russia would get behind harsher sanctions. [WSJ]

• A new scoop further implicates New York Gov. David Paterson in a longtime aide’s assault case, so we’re yet closer to a resignation and Richard Ravitch governorship. [NYT]

• U.S. diplomats formally spoke out against Israel’s plans to build new houses in East Jerusalem. [Haaretz]

• Dubai, which has been fairly open to traveling Israelis compared to other Arab countries, has barred Israelis and dual Israeli citizens from entering, in response to Mossad’s alleged role in that whole assassination business. More on this later today. [WP]

• Prominent columnist Richard Cohen rejects descriptions of “apartheid,” explaining why today’s Israel is not comparable to 1980s South Africa. [WP]

• Shark attacks in the United States are declining! This has to be good for the Jews, right? [WSJ]