Introducing Tablet’s newest podcast: “Parsha in Progress” with Abigail Pogrebin and Rabbi Dov Linzer.

With Simchat Torah now behind us, it’s time to start a new cycle of reading the Torah and what better way than with a podcast. This week we start at the beginning with Bereshit, Hebrew for “in the beginning,” the story of creation. Or, should we say stories since the Torah actually contains more than one account of Adam and Eve as this inaugural episode of “Parsha in Progress” reveals.


The commandment is to study Torah not to listen to this podcast, so why tune in, the bold and skeptical among you might ask. Well, studying the parsha is sometimes hard to pull off during our over-scheduled weeks, especially for those of us who never went to yeshiva. Here’s your chance not only to fulfill the mitzvah, but to have a good time doing it—unpacking the weekly Torah portion with two unlikely study partners: a writer and a rabbi, Abby and Dov.

Pogrebin (author of My Jewish Year: 18 Holidays, One Wondering Jew) and Linzer (Head of Yeshivat Chovevei Torah) have been friends for a decade. Though they differ in Jewish observance, they share a reverence for the tradition and an appetite to mine the Torah for the wisdom that can help guide us today.

Tune in to hear their lively, unrehearsed conversation about what the current Torah portion means, why it resonates, and why, even for the not-so-observant, it’s still arguably a blueprint for life.