The Polish anti-abortion billboard.(Jill Stanek)

• The U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee narrowly passed a resolution condemning Turkey’s Armenian “genocide,” a controversial, volatile (and historically accurate) step on which most pro-Israel groups are lukewarm. [NYT]

• Polish anti-abortion activists are using Hitler’s image on billboards, reminding folks that the Nazis legalized abortion in conquered Poland. [Haaretz]

• In an op-ed, Ireland’s foreign minister blasts the Gaza blockade as “unjust and completely counterproductive … inhumane and completely unacceptable.” [IHT]

• Interesting interview with the son of a Hamas leader who, he just revealed, was an Israeli informant during the Second Intifada. [BBC]

• Speaking of! An important Danish journalist has come forward to admit he also worked with the Mossad. [Haaretz]

• Watch the launch of the Sabbath Manifesto.