Larry Ellison, really into yachting last month.(Jaime Reina/AFP/Getty Images)

The big news from Forbes’s annual list of the world’s billionaires is that Planet Earth has a new richest man: Carlos Slim Helú, the Mexican telecommunications magnate who now owns a substantial minority share of The New York Times. He weighs in at $53.5 billion. Muchas felicitationes!

But you want to know where the Jews—say, those in the top 50—are. The short answer is: They’re down.

• The richest Jew, Oracle’s Larry Ellison, fell from fourth to sixth, and from $22.5 billion to … well, to $28 billion, but obviously you’d rather have the higher ranking than the extra $5.5 billion.

• New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg dropped further, from 17th to 23rd, and from $16 billion to $18 billion (no way you could trade me six slots for $2 billion).

• Googlers Sergey Brin and Larry Page tied (with others) for 24th at $7.5 billion.

• Microsoft’s Steven Ballmer (Jewish mother!) is 33rd, with $14.5 billion.

George Soros (35th, $14 billion).

Michael Dell (37th, $13.5 billion).

Mikhail Fridman (42nd, $12.7 billion).

Donald Bren (45th, $12 billion).

Roman Abramovich (50th, $11.2 billion. His consolation prize is he gets to own Manchester United.)

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