Sarah Palin, last December.(Paul J. Richards/AFP/Getty Images)

• There is oodles of U.S.-Israel news, which I’ll deal with in a bigger round-up tomorrow. For now: Netanyahu defended Israel’s track record on peace, saying no further concessions were necessary now; the White House reiterated that it is totally committed to Israeli security. This is still a diplomatic crisis, though. [Haaretz/Laura Rozen]

• Okay, one more thing: Jeffrey Goldberg reports that what Obama is trying to do is further crack Netanyahu’s already fragile (and right-wing) coalition, ideally in order to pave the way for a more moderate Tzipi Livni government. [Jeffrey Goldberg]

Fine, one more: Sarah Palin accused the Obama administration of “missing the boat” (folksy!) on Israel and called for a hit of the “reset button.” [Ben Smith]

• The Simon Wiesenthal Center is still planning to build that controversial Jerusalem Museum of Tolerance. [AP/Haaretz]

• A long and fantastic profile of conservative Web journalist Andrew Breitbart notes that he was raised Jewish (though not very religiously) and contains this line of his: “You’ve gone to Hebrew school, you’ve gone to Auschwitz, you go, Never again, Never again. Then you go to Tulane and you go, Maybe never again. … Don’t include that.” [Slate]

• The Jews That Do Contest invites Jews who do … pretty much anything to submit video of themselves doing so. [Leadel]
Below: a Jew does something