• The Hamas-organized “Day of Rage” saw mass East Jerusalem protests, and over 100 injuries. However, Israeli police do not believe a third intifada is in the offing (though they expect more violence today). [LAT]

• In a merely rhetorical shift that still means a great deal in the region, Secretary of State Clinton forcefully reaffirmed basic U.S. support for Israel’s security. [WP]

• An analysis argues that though President Obama has faced criticism from Israel, Republicans, and even some Democrats, his tough stance toward Israel could enhance his peacemaker bona fides, particularly in the region. [NYT]

• Gen. David Petraeus predicted that Iran, which is under his purview, will not produce a nuclear weapon by the end of the year. (The general also said he backs the Palestinian peace process and envoy George Mitchell.) [NYT]

• Robert Ford, the nominee for Ambassador to Syria, argued for keeping current sanctions but also talking directly to the leadership. [JPost]

• Chief-of-staff Rahm Emanuel reassured prominent Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Virginia) that, contra reports, Vice President Biden did not tell Israeli leaders that settlements endanger U.S. troops. [ABC News]