Rabbi Oren Hayon: the man behind Tweet the Exodus.(Wall Street Journal)

What’s perhaps most impressive about Tweet the Exodus is that the group of rabbis, led by Rabbi Oren Hayon, behind it have set up not just a central feed containing provocative quotations, entertaining links, and, eventually, the story of the Jews’ departure from Egypt, but that they’ve set up a whole bunch of other accounts to represent players in the main story. So, @Young Miriam updates us: “Waiting to see what happens to my brother…” @The_Israelites remarks, “Did you hear something? It sounded like a crying baby.” And @Slavedrivers: “I love the smell of braided leather in the morning!”

Tweet the Exodus’s second entry reads, “In every generation, one is obliged to see oneself as if one personally came forth from Egypt.” In this age of online living, I can think of no more appropriate way to fulfill that demand.

Tweet The Exodus
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