• The international conference on nuclear security that Barack Obama convened this afternoon has not led to confrontations between Israel and Muslim states, reported the Israeli minister in attendance. “I regret to disappoint those who expected clashes against Israel in the summit,” he said (then went on to almost-but-not-quite name Iran as the world’s “greatest threat to peace.”) [Ynet]

• The Iowa meatpacking plant once owned by kosher slaughter behemoth Agriprocessors, which shut down after a 2008 immigration raid, is producing (kosher) beef again for the first time, its new owner says. [Vos Iz Neias]

• An Israeli bookstore chain stopped selling a book called The National Left, a political manifesto denouncing settlers and calling for a revival of the Israeli left wing, after receiving “many complaints that the book hurts the feelings of some of our customers.” [NYT]

The Nation reexamines the life and legacy of the late Holocaust scholar Raul Hilberg. [The Nation]

• Self-congratulations are due: the Webby Awards have named Tablet Magazine an honoree in the category of “Religion and Spirituality” on the Web! [Webby Awards]