As we’ve mentioned, the Matchmaking mamele is leaving sunny LA and bringing her Sophie Portnoy act to New York, where she faces an uphill battle against the city’s lopsided single female-to-male ratio. But on last night’s reunion episode, she revealed a potential strategy: imports. In a little exchange with Justin Shenkarow, the former child actor she dubbed the “angry Hobbit,” Stanger announced that she thought Shenkarow would be a hit in Manhattan. “It’s the land of the Jewish midget!” she exulted to Bravo’s ever-cheerful interlocutor, Andy Cohen. Shenkarow, beamed in via Skype, responded with a bit of Oedipal drama, calling Patti “a hairy troll.” Cohen warned him that insulting Patti might not make her more inclined to find him a date. “Oh, no,” Shenkarow replied, in a reassuring tone. “This is how Jews interact.”

So, really, that’s it until next season. But if you’re jonesing for a fix, check out this little red-carpet interview, in which Patti reveals her plans to go after the Arab-royalty market, where multiple wives mean multiple commissions.

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