Harvard Law Dean Elena Kagan last year.(Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

• Sources say that President Obama will nominate Elena Kagan, the dean of Harvard Law, to replace Justice John Paul Stevens on the Supreme Court. [HuffPo]

• M.J. Rosenberg says that Millennials, and especially American Jewish Millennials on the question of Israel, would be more aptly named “the Jon Stewart generation.” [MediaMatters]

• What’s your #ish? It makes more sense if you click the link. [What’s Your #ish?]

• Comedy Central will air a cartoon starring Jesus as an average New York City guy trying to escape an overbearing, video-game-obsessed father Father. N.B.: I am not kidding. [Newser]

• Roger Cohen, hopeless romantic. [NYT]

• Matt Yglesias explains his disdain for politically conservative Jews: “nobody should be eating bad bagels, but it’s especially sad when you see Jews do it.” [Yglesias]

Happy Mother’s Day! Not enough people know that “Julia” is about John’s mom.