Davy Rothbart, the editor and publisher of Found, will be among the presenters at Dawn 2010, the Tablet-sponsored late-night cultural arts festival going down in honor of Shavuot on the evening of Saturday, May 15 in San Francisco.

Rothbart said he’s going to be doing a reading that combines elements of Found (which features found documents) and the sorts of personal essays he has done for This American Life.

“We split up some of the commandments,” he said of himself and his fellow presenters. “The ones that were assigned to me were, Don’t commit adultery and Don’t steal. Some of the Found notes relate to those. Specifically about adultery, or complicated relationships.

“In one, a woman in SF got to her office, and found these three mysterious faxes that had been sent in the middle of the night. Handwritten. Accusing of infidelities. Except the third fax says, ‘Sorry, wrong number.’”