President Shimon Peres.(WSJ)

• President Shimon Peres argued that resolving the Iranian nuclear issue would make it easier for Israel to achieve peace with the Palestinians. [WSJ]

• A new book (reviewed in Tablet Magazine) reports that, in 1975, the Israeli defense minister—then Shimon Peres—offered to sell nuclear warheads to apartheid-era South Africa. A Peres spokesperson vigorously denied the report. [Guardian]

• Sometimes a drill is only a drill. This includes, the Israeli government says, the current five-day civil defense drill, which is not, it adds, designed to drum up war with Lebanon. [NYT]

• The Dubai police now have its 33rd subject in the murder of Hamas weapons man Mahmoud al-Mabhouh: a Scottish-born British national who apparently used his own passport. [WSJ]

• Yesterday’s Salute to Israel Parade drew “tens of thousands” to Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue. [JTA]

• Should Turkey continue to try to forestall Iran sanctions, it could seriously rupture its relations with its NATO allies. [WP]