Elie Wiesel last year.(Gergely Botar/AFP/Getty Images)

There was a to-do in last week when Theater J, the Washington, D.C., JCC’s theater company, canceled what was to have been the world premiere of a play about Bernard Madoff. They canned it, specifically, after Elie Wiesel complained about its depiction of a fictional jailhouse scene between him and the notorious Ponzi schemer. (Wiesel reportedly lost a substantial sum in the morass of Madoff’s machinations!)

Well, if you still want to see the play—which is called Imagining Madoff, and was written by Deborah Margolin—you can check it out at Stageworks Hudson, a couple hours’ drive north of New York City.

Also, the NPR show All Things Considered did a brief segment on the legal legitimacy of Wiesel’s objection.

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