Prime Minister Netanyahu yesterday.(Jonathan Nackstrand/AFP/Getty Images)

• The Iran sanctions bill’s sponsors have deliberately slowed its progress—with AIPAC’s backing—now that multilateral U.N. sanctions are on track. [Laura Rozen]

• Come on down! President Obama told Prime Minister Netanyahu that, y’know, since he is going to be in Canada next week anyway, he should probably just drop by the White House and say hi. [Haaretz]

• And Netanyahu told chief-of-staff Rahm Emanuel that, since he is in the neighborhood and all for his son’s bar mitzvah, they may as well meet today, and they are. [JTA]

• The “Gaza flotilla” of nine aid ships should hit the Strip by Friday or Saturday. It is not entirely clear whether the IDF will allow them through the blockade. [JPost]

• Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas called Yasser Arafat’s Second Intifada “one of the worst mistakes of our lives.” [JPost]

• A New York left-wing activist named Lori Berenson was released from a Peruvian jail in order to raise her child, though she still may not leave the country until 2015, when her sentence for collaborating with terrorists is over. (Oh, and in case you’re wondering, her lawyer is her husband and the child’s father.) [LAT]