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The New York Times Magazine—a weekly magazine of Jewish life and culture—profiles Job Cohen, the longtime former Amsterdam mayor now leading his Labor Party into the Netherlands’s June 9 elections. His parents hid from the Nazis and his grandparents were killed at Bergen-Belsen, and he is “in many ways a traditional European leftist.” But he has forsaken the European left’s typical (and bankrupt) multiculturalism, instead—like several charismatic left-wing Boomer politicians before him—crafting a Third Way “for mainstream parties on the Continent to successfully combat the swelling tide of populist, anti-immigrant voices” like that of Geert Wilders and his Freedom Party. (Perhaps Cohenism is the sort of thing author Paul Berman has in mind?)

Says author Russell Shorto:

Some see in Cohen’s rise the possibility of a new Dutch society, and with it perhaps a hint of how new national identities could form in Europe. In what would be confirmation of the worst fears of a Wilders, the new identity prototype has an inclusiveness that inverts the centuries-old formula. As the Jew and the Turk stood side by side with their fellow candidates—which included a good mix of other ethnicities as well as native Dutch—Cohen proclaimed, “This is the Netherlands!”

Read the whole thing. And, of course, check out the Yes We Cohen! Facebook group.

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