President Barack Obama earlier today.(Yuri Gripas/AFP/Getty Images)

• Bill Kristol says White House will back a U.N. (read: Goldstone-esque) investigation into the flotilla raid; White House vehemently denies this, saying it continues to support an Israeli-led probe. Well, somebody’s lying. [Ben Smith]

• Legislators are pushing back at White House efforts to defang Iranian energy sanctions. [Laura Rozen]

• Fred Kaplan explains why the alternate Turkey-Brazil-Iran fuel swap deal would be ineffective, and why Turkey and Brazil’s failure to support U.N. sanctions is suspect. [Slate]

• A French reality show plans to find out what happens when six Israelis co-habiting with six Palestinians stop being polite and start getting real. [Good]

• A fantastic exploration of the new sort of highly politicized “humanitarianism” embodied by the flotilla activists. [TNR]

• Tablet Magazine columnist Josh Lambert is a Big Jewcy. [Jewcy]

What are you doing tomorrow? You’re watching U.S.-England. You just are. Below: My favorite soccer ad ever, all the way back from 1994.