• Israel announced last night that an Independent Public Commission will conduct its official investigation into the flotilla incident and the blockade itself. It will be headed by a retired Israeli Supreme Court justice and include Irish and Canadian observers. [NYT]

• Reports emerged that an Israeli named Uri Brodsky was arrested in Warsaw in connection with the January assassination of Hamas operative Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, and awaits extradition to Germany, from which he allegedly procured a false passport. [JPost]

• An overwhelming majority of Israelis continue to back the Gaza blockade and oppose an international probe of the flotilla incident, according to a new poll. [Foreign Policy]

• U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates predicted that Iran will possess a nuclear weapon in one to three years but will lack adequate missile technology to deliver one. [Arutz Sheva]

• Debate over the flotilla incident, the blockade, Israel, and the rest erupted in France when a cinema chain replaced its screenings of a new Israeli comedy with a documentary about killed pro-Palestinian activist Rachel Corrie. The whole thing is very French. [NYT]

• This is not precisely The Scroll’s beat, but the Times’s news-breaking story on the discovery of $1 trillion of lithium and other valuable minerals in Afghanistan is hugely significant, and deserves to be read in full. [NYT]