Dear Sir or Madam,
We are seven Israelis being held in Jerusalem but about to be sent to the United States after an Israeli court approved our extradition yesterday. The alleged crime is defrauding American retirees of tens of millions of dollars through phone scams. Specifically, our “Nigerian scam,” as these sorts of things are called, involved calling elderly pensioners, telling them they had won the lottery, and that they could receive their winnings if they sent us several thousand dollars for transfer fees.

We currently have no access to our money but actually have US$50,000,000 in Swiss bank accounts, which we can access once these charges are dropped. If you send us money for us to pay our lawyers to get us free, we will pay you back twice what you have sent us. Please consider this a smart, quick, and foolproof business investment for you and your family.

Innocent Scammers

Court: Israelis Suspected in ‘Nigerian Scam’ Can Be Transferred to U.S. [Haaretz]