Russian President Dmitry Medvedev today.(Alexander Nemenov/AFP/Getty Images)

• Russian President Medvedev sharply criticized the new U.S. and EU sanctions, saying he prefers when all countries act together, as with the just-passed U.N. ones. [Ynet]

• The Obama administration praised Israel’s easing of the Gaza land blockade. [Haaretz]

• I linked yesterday, but the big news of the day remains the thousands of Israeli ultra-Orthodox who protested a Supreme Court decision integrating religious schools, opening them to Sephardim from Arab and North African countries. [NYT]

• A Forward writer reminds Times readers that, through their emigration battle, Jews were in the front guard in the movement to change the Soviet regime. [NYT]

• Congratulations to the Los Angeles Lakers, who defeated the Boston Celtics to repeat as NBA champions. Special shout-outs to back-up guard Jordan Farmar, who is Jewish, and starting forward Ron Artest, who thanked his shrink afterward. [WSJ]