Daybreak: The Big Meet

Plus Turkey may cut ties, Turkey maintains ties, and more in the news

By Marc Tracy|July 6, 2010 9:00 AM

• Today’s the day: Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Obama will meet at the White House; the ensuing discussion and, especially, photo-op are meant to reinforce the countries’ strong ties. [WP [1]]

• U.S. tax law has exempted more than $200 million in donations to U.S. charities that fund Jewish settlements, including illegal outposts. Much more at 10 am. [NYT [2]]

• In advance of the White House meeting, Israel published a list of items now banned from Gaza (before, it published a stricter list of items allowed), and Defense Minister Barak met with Prime Minister Fayyad. [NYT [3]]

• Turkey’s foreign minister explicitly said his country would sever ties if Israel neither apologized for the flotilla raid nor accepted an international probe. [WP [5]]

• Yet there is still substantial trade and even military cooperation between the two countries. [NYT [6]]

• An Arabic daily reported that Palestinian President Abbas offered a land-swap deal to U.S. envoy George Mitchell under which Israel would keep sovereignty over Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter, including the Western Wall. [Haaretz [7]]

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