David Brooks.(Flickr)

• Christopher Beam (an FOTS—Friend of The Scroll) profiles New York Times columnist David Brooks. [NY Mag]

• A large number of Israeli Holocaust survivors are indigent. [LAT]

• Rabbi David Wolpe movingly praises Christopher Hitchens, whom he frequently debates over the existence of God. [WP]

• “Is there anything left to be said about anti-Semitism?” A different daily magazine of Jewish life and culture finds plenty. [NYT]

• Word has Lindsay Lohan involved with a female IDF soldier. [New York Daily News]

• The United States is donating $15 million toward the preservation of Auschwitz. Since it’s the government doing it, in a sense it, too, is tax-exempt. [CNN]

A group of IDF soldiers uploaded a video of themselves dancing to Ke$ha to YouTube, and now face disciplinary action. For those not observing the Three Weeks, it’s below; for those observing the Three Weeks, click the sound off and watch.