• A brilliant dissection of “the plight of secure young upper-middle-class Jewish funnypeople, who have inherited the sharp humor traditions of an oppressed minority without inheriting very much of the oppression.” [Scocca]

• The U.N. General Assembly has backed off plans for an emergency meeting regarding Israel’s response to the flotilla. [Haaretz]

• Meg Ryan and Dustin Hoffman canceled appearances at the upcoming Jerusalem Film Festival, apparently because of the flotilla, although both actors deny this. [Arts Beat]

• Prime Minister Netanyahu and Secretary of Defense Gates discussed Israeli military matters today in Washington, D.C. [Ynet]

• James Franco appears in the trailer for Tablet Magazine contributing editor Gary Shteyngart’s forthcoming Super Sad True Love Story. [NY Mag]

• Icelandic authorities exhumed chess legend Bobby Fischer’s body in relation to a paternity suit. Grody. [LAT]

Three Weeks followers, cover your ears, but here are three generations’ worth of a family at Auschwitz—including the oldest, who did time there—dancing to, yes, “I Will Survive.”