• Recent indictments related to the Gaza conflict have left many wondering if there wasn’t a significant helping of truth to the Goldstone Report. [LAT]

• Visiting Jerusalem, Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona) insisted that an Israeli attack on Iran is not forthcoming, at least at this point. [WP]

• The European Union’s chief foreign policy negotiator expressed optimism over autumn talks with Iran. [NYT]

• After its U.S. Ambassador endorsed military action against Iran (while in conversation with Tablet Magazine contributing editor Jeffrey Goldberg), the United Arab Emirates attempted to take back the remarks. [WSJ]

• Prime Minister Netanyahu heads straight to Egypt after departing the United States to visit Hosni Mubarak, who continues to appear quite ill. Uh-oh. [Haaretz]

• Nicholas Kristof has much praise for the the “noble side” of Israel—mainly its human rights NGOs—in contrast to the “ugly side” it frequently displays to the world. [NYT]