• Ninety percent of Israelis have some kind of Jewish text in their home, which, say media outlets, means they’re are deeply connected to their heritage. Ninety percent of college-educated Americans, meanwhile, have a deep connection to Oh, the Places You’ll Go!. [Ynet]
• JTA columnist complains Jewish groups took too long to issue statements condemning the recent killing of an abortion doctor. Because how else were Jews to know murder is bad? [JTA]
• Ashira, an all-girl, all-Orthodox rock band whose sound is a “blend of rock, blues and Irish-style folk”—whatever that means—only performs for female audiences and will label their album with a warning sticker for men, perhaps inspired by this joke from the band Stereo Sinai. [Huffington Post]
• An Australian makes the Jewish case for gay marriage. [Australian Jewish News]
• The longest-serving Jewish inmate in a New York prison, Jerry Rosenberg, has died at 72. He was the state’s the first prisoner to earn a law degree from behind bars—which must have made his mother so proud. [AP]