Daybreak: Rotem Bill Delayed, Not Defeated

Plus Kagan passes, Shylock schemes, and more in the news

By Marc Tracy|July 21, 2010 9:07 AM

• Foes of the Israeli conversion bill forced it off the table until the Knesset’s winter session begins, in mid-October. [JPost [1]]

• The Senate Judiciary Committee approved Elena Kagan’s nomination to the Supreme Court, 13-6, while establishing that her lack of candor at the hearing will likely be the main knock against her from here on out. [Politico [2]]

• Fatah is expected to back Palestinian President Abbas in accepting direct peace talks only after certain border- and security-related conditions are met. [JPost [3]]

• The death of a Palestinian West Bank farming village. [Haaretz [5]]

• A new group called U.S. Boat to Gaza is fundraising for just such a thing, which would be named ‘Audacity of Hope,’ after President Obama’s second memoir. Professor Rashid Khalidi is a prominent backer. [WP [6]]

• Maureen Dowd offers Shylock 101. [NYT [7]]

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